Saturday, October 4, 2008

Iron Horn - Monumental - More on the right leg

Spent the whole day working on the right leg. First photo show how it looked as I started the morning.
I then started a small detail. The fringe on the bottom of the legging cuff. They, by design are long and overlap the moccasins and then trail long leather strips to the outside (right) of foot. Mike, the model, had flipped up the bottom of the legging and used the long leather strip to tie it up. This freed up the bottom of the legging, making it easier to walk and ride. So I'm incorporating that feature in this clay. You can see the photo's of the model (Micheal Terry) on the base.

I spent the rest of the day shaping the right leg, and started to add clay to the loin cloths.

That's it for the weekend.. see you next week.