Thursday, October 30, 2008

Iron Horn - Monumental - Adding More Clay

Not much to see today. Just spent the day adding clay to the bottom of the shirt and the loin cloth. My camera batteries ran out. So not much to show.

I decided to come back in about 8pm and work on Iron Horn a bit more. Here I am adding clay while listening to a 1940 interview. Featuring H. G. Wells when he was in his 70's and Orson Wells. Talking about the famous War of the Worlds show that played on October the 30th 1939. Just thought it was interesting so I put the whole video here, with the interview in the background.

The begining of this video you'll hear Orson Wells with the final lines from the War of the Worlds radio show. I just love it.

Final video showing Iron Horn as of the night before Halloween 2008.