Saturday, August 9, 2008

August 2008 Tour - Last Day of Gathering of the Masters

Irving Toddy's grand daughter, Aidah, was so cute today, dressed in a Navajo outfit, Irving's mother once wore. I took this video of her playing with her brother.

here Irving Toddy and Baje Whitethrone go over my "Ain't no Cowboy" clay.

Again Irving's Granddaughter, Aidah, applying to be my apprentice.

Here are photo's of the cowgirl piece. I did both arms today.

Today at 6 pm, Orland Joe, Kenneth Whirl, and John Boomer, all artists in the Gathering of the Masters, entertained at a reception held for the artists. I recorded several of the songs, but the sound in all but one was very bad. John Boomer was just running a test song on his guitar and harmonica. Here is that short video.

Sunday the 10th will be a day off, because the Southwest Indian Cultural Center will be closed. I'll be staying in Gallup till sometime this next week, and working on my clays, in the Center. Then I travel to Breckenridge Colorado, for my next to the last appearance I'll be making this summer. I'll add to the blog sometime next week. So keep checking in. Love you all.