Wednesday, August 27, 2008

August 2008 Tour - 2 Clays over 3 Days

I started my appearance at the James Harold Gallery Monday of this week. Here is the progress I've made over those 3 days.
I started the week working on "Ain't No Cowboy". Working on the boots. Getting the height of the two boots to match. Then I went back to work on the spurs. Adding buckles that you can't see in the photo's below, then fine tuning the rowels of the spurs, from the quick sketch one to the more realistic ones.
Didn't work on much else on her. Finished working on her yesterday afternoon at the end of my appearance.

Here are photo's of the clay as I finished yesterday. You may notice the coil of rope is now of wax covered twine.

This morning I got back to "War Medicine". His left hand was falling off at the wrist, taking with it the shield and sword sheath. So I had to do some major repairs. I started by cutting down to the armature in the left arm and removing half of the arm. Then I wrapped bailing wire around the armature and forming a loop where the hand would eventually be. I then tied wire around the loop for the hand to attach the Sheath to the hand. Then I formed a horseshoe shaped wire and nailed the sheath itself to the body of the Indian. Then I reattach the shield to the hand by tying wire through the hand armature and through two holes in the cardboard of the shield. Then screwing the bottom right part of the shield to the leg.

Here are final photo's of "War Medicine" at the end of this day.

Well I'm back in the gallery at 1 pm tomorrow. I'll add if I have anything tomorrow night. I'm so ready to get home.