Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Down from the High Lonesome (p15) Working on the Base

I am back on Down from the High Lonesome. About a month ago I stopped working on this clay. I'm taking a new approach. I unfortunately only have one photograph from today. The video I shot with my web cam, hooked up to the to the studio computer, with Vista Windows. I just found out, I can't copy the videos onto a memory disk, and have them run on my XP Windows computer at home. I'm not a real fan of Vista. So until tomorrow I can't show you the foam. Or how I set up to do the foam. This is the only photo I had. This is the condition the clay was in this morning when I started.

Tomorrow I'll be catching you up on how I've prepared the clay today. As you can see in the photograph above, the front horses ears are damaged. This happened in transport back from Palm Desert. Check back in tomorrow evening for more.