Thursday, September 25, 2008

Iron Horn - Monumental - More Foaming

I added the rear Loin cloth. The I prepared the shirt to have foam poured in behind it to fill the empty cavity between the shirt and to foam Indian.
I spent the afternoon taping and plugging anywhere liquid foam might force it's way through. I still had a lot of leakage. Eventually the cavity was filled with foam.

The shirt bulged in the middle of the back so I had to remove the waxed dipped cloth from the new foam. I then carved off the bulge, and started shaping the back. I will probably remove the rest of the shirt tomorrow. Since the foam now is the base. I will still leave the long sections of leg skin hanging though.

That's it for today. The process of prep is very slow and deliberate. No rushing a life size piece. Every thing I do, has to be well thought out, when you do a piece this size. Mistakes can be magnified.