Monday, December 8, 2008

Iron Horn - Monumental - Hair and Roach

Roach headdresses were usually worn by warriors and dancers. Like warbonnets, roaches are traditionally men's head wear, not worn even by female warriors. In some tribes, individual men chose to wear porcupine roaches while other men did not.
Today I start the Porcupine Roach for this warriors head. Here are some references that inspired the original hair style and also examples of Roaches.

Here are pictures showing the original Marquette of this life size. The small version of Iron Horn. just to give you some reference as to what I'm doing. As you can see, the roach in the original was shorter. I chose to make it longer for the affect to the viewer.

Here is a short video of the start of the hair and roach

Tomorrow, I may re-do the roach. Looking at the video I saw a way that I could make it better and more dramatic. At least that's what I'm thinking now. Tomorrow may bring no change... Some final shots today.