Saturday, March 22, 2008

Down from the High Lonesome (p8) Still on the first horse

This is where the clay was yesterday evening. (Remember, you can click on the photo and it will appear full size.)

Now I start to sketch in the neck. The neck of all animals are similar to the human neck. Just structurally different. All the muscles are the same as in humans, just arranged according to the skeletal structure. Once you realize that, it's easy to picture the muscles as you sculpt them.
Below, I've taken the horse I have been working on for the past two days and re-join it with the other horse, still to be worked on. You really start to see this piece coming together now.

Well at the of of this day before Easter 2008, this is where I am. I'll be away from my studio till the first of April. Please come back and check in then