Thursday, March 20, 2008

Down from the High Lonesome (p6) Second Horse

As you can see, I've added a wooden dowel for strength. Back when I first started sculpting, I used to spend a ton of money on galvanized pipe, galvanized elbows, and the flange they would attach to for additional support. I found that the simpler the better.
Now for really large pieces, yes, you would use pipe or anything else like welded supports. For this size, wooden dowels work just fine.
Continuously I measure. You have to make sure proportions are spot on. You might skate by without having your proportions right on, but unconsciously, it will look wrong.

Well it's just add clay and form the skeletal structure. This will be the base that you add the muscles and tendons.
That's it. The two horses are to the point were I can now work out the composition. This has changed three times since I began this piece, and it may change again. The process is fluid.

Next I start adding muscle. That's when the horses will start to come alive. Stay tuned.. so to speak.