Saturday, August 30, 2008

August 2008 Tour - Head and Train work

Yesterday I start off the day with "War Medicine" Looking like this. You can barely see one of the three scars that I added to the arms of the warrior on the bicep of his left arm and on the forearm of the left arm. These would have been scars caused by a glancing bullet wound on the bicep, and a cutting wound on the forearm. There's also scars on the right forearm and on the left eye of the warrior. I'll take better photo's for tomorrows entry.

I had to rework the face of the warrior a bit so I removed the front head piece of the headdress so I could work on eyes and eyelids as well as the forehead.

Then I started to work on the trade cloth train that hangs from the back of the headdress. I added a White Ermin Skin, then brass crosses and finally ribbons. These would have been things he'd seen in a vision and thus would be magical. The reason would be known only to him.

Then today I added two knives to his belt. The large knife in the front would have been his fighting knife. I made it a bowie. the knife on the back of the belt would have been for scalping. This is were I left the piece this afternoon.

I then started working on "Ain't No Cowboy's" head by removing the hat. I needed to work on her eye's and forehead as well as her lips and mouth area. I will sit with my model, Lea Ann, next week to fine tune the face even more. That was it for today.