Thursday, May 8, 2008

Foundry Trip Today

Made a run to the foundry today to do a final check on Working for the Brand. It's to be colored on Monday. So any blemishes or problems need to be fixed before next week.
Passed a lot of living and wildlife on the way to Bozeman. I'm driving along and I look over at a little marsh area and something catches my eye. Click on the picture and see if you can see what I saw.

These buffalo are grazing on Ted Turner's Ranch. His ranch is huge. Almost 20 miles of the trip is along his ranches boundary.

On the way home I saw this single Pelican floating on the Madison River. Behind him and to the left you can see fisherman in a river guides boat, lazily fishing the afternoon away. Doing pretty much what the Pelican is doing.

Further down the river, I came across a group of Pelicans just having a social. A Fisherman in the background in waders looks on.

Was sick yesterday... so have some catching up on my clay tomorrow. Had an inspiration for the Down from the High Lonesome piece. So Next week I'll be re-visiting that clay.