Thursday, June 5, 2008

Untitled Bronc Buster - Skeletal Structure

Sorry it's been so long since my last entry. Just have had other things going on. Well I'm back today and I sketched in the skeletal structure of the bucking horse today. I'm doing this in wax. Wax is harder to work with because as soon as you remove it from under the heat lamp, it starts to stiffen up. So you have to work fast. Shown below is a dish pan full of wax under 100 watt bulbs. Another problem with wax is that you get the light to close it melts, get it far away from the wax, it's to hard to work with. Finding that perfect light position is a hit or miss.

OK, there's always a start, after the armature has been made. I start applying wax to the armature in the ribcage area.

Ribcage fully formed in picture below.

A few hours later, the horse is ready for the muscle.

Well that's it till the next time. Thank you for coming back.