Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Sacagawea - A Blanket Over Her Shoulders

Today I melted clay and dipped a rag into it to for the base for the blanket that goes over Sacagawea's shoulders. It's a shortcut granted. It is also an easy and essential way to create support for the heavy clay blanket that extends past her body in the portrait.
The Dark material is the rag with the melted clay on it.

I apply clay to the surface of the rag. I also start to add more folds into the blanket to help the total design. I roll clay and add it to the blanket to form a large fold. Using the palm of my hand I lightly pound it into shape.

With appropriate tools I create texture in her hair. Careful not to over do it. I then rub the cuts with my thumb to blend them and take the sharpness of the cuts back a bit.

Tomorrow I'll add her trinkets and clean up the textures.