Monday, May 5, 2008

Sacagawea - Research and Hair

Well after almost a week away from her, doing everyday busy work and obligations, I'm back.
Below is how I started the day. Researching. There are no illustrations painted of the Indians from the 1804 period. So I go as far back as I can. Some of the earliest paintings of Native Americans at that time frame are by George Catlin and Carl Bodmer. I am looking at paintings by Catlin.
I'm looking for hairstyles, trinkets such as ear rings, and necklaces, and dress styles.

I take a way the hair that I added at the gallery in Palm Desert, and the robe. The first photo shows the way it was when I started today. I then fine tune the eyes and raised the forehead a bit.

I've decided to give her braids in the style of the last illustration of the woman with the painted robe above. I roll the clay and like segments of real hair, braid it.

With hair braided, I set her aside for the evening. Tomorrow I add a blanket over her shoulders.