Tuesday, September 2, 2008

August 2008 Tour - On the Way Home - Part 1

Just a few photo's I took on the way home. I drove from Tahoe to Twinn Falls Idaho. These pictures were taken north of Wells Nevada up to Twinn.

August 2008 Tour - Last Day of the Tour

Well I'm heading home in the morning. Today I spent cleaning up "Ain't No Cowboy" and adjusting the right eye of the "War Medicine" piece.
As you can see in the photo's below I adjusted the right eye. It was deeper into the socket than the left eye was. So I cut out the eye and just added clay behind it till it was at the same position as the left eye. I also decided that since the left eye had a sword cut across his eye, he would have lost his sight in that eye, so I blinded the left eye by filling in the hole that indicated the pupal. His left eye would have been clouded. I also lazied his left eye lid a bit. Due, again to the wound.

Now I need to smooth the clay and reduce the rough areas on the clay. So using lighter fluid and a oil painters brush, I smooth the clay.

Well that's basically it for the summer shows. I head home to a possible disaster in the making. The Hebgin Dam which is 50 miles up river from Ennis has a stuck open valve that is releasing 4 times the usual water flow. They have the states and government engineers working on it. I'm sure there will be no problem, but Ennis was expected to get up to 6 feet of flooding if they didn't get it under control. I called the Madison Co. Sheriff's office this morning and they said everything seemed to be ok. So hopefully my home won't be three miles up the valley when I get home.. I should be home Wednesday night. The summer was a great success. I'm tired beyond words. It'll be nice to crawl into my own bed.. finally.