Friday, August 15, 2008

August 2008 Tour - Long two days - Thunder and Lightning

I am so whipped tonight. I went for 14 hours straight yesterday, packing my stuff, and leaving Gallup New Mexico in the early morning, and arriving in in Breckenridge Colorado in the late afternoon. Unpacking all that I loaded that morning, then checking into the Hotel Frisco in Frisco Colorado and carrying all my cloths and stuff across a very muddy uneven road to the hotel. Going to bed very early and up very early to get to Silverthorn this morning for a TV interview. Picture below shows Paul, director of the Breckenridge Fine Art Gallery, the TV Shows host, and me, just before the interview.

Well here are a set of photos of the cowgirl piece. I worked all day on the face of the girl, the spurs, and the fenders of the saddle. The wax was not working well today. It was really grainy. I was using a 60 watt bulb instead of a 100 watt bulb to soften the wax. Not sure if that's the reason the wax was acting up.

Tomorrow is my last day at this gallery and then I'm off to Tahoe for the final leg of this trip. I apologize for not being more detailed in what I'm doing. Just to hard to talk to people, and to take continuous photo's of what I'm doing.