Saturday, November 1, 2008

Iron Horn - Monumental - Joe Stops By

Today I worked on the Shot Pouch that hangs on the warriors right side.

Joe Red Feather (his Indian name), from over the hill, in Virginia City Montana Stopped by my studio late this afternoon. I put him to work.

Joe is a War Chief of the Ogallala Sioux. When Joe was named a War Chief, he was told that his battle, or war, would be against drugs and alcohal abuse and any form of physical abuse against others.
Red Cloud was a famous War Chief of the Ogallala Sioux. Here's a bit of the history of this tribe.
The Oglala Lakota or Oglala Sioux, (IPA: [ogəˈlala]), meaning "to scatter one's own" in Siouan, live in the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in South Dakota bordering Nebraska and 50 miles east of Wyoming, the second largest reservation in the United States. The reservation has broadly three parts, pine covered hills and ridges, grassy plains and a desert area. All three parts are noted for natural beauty. The Oglala Sioux see themselves primarily as part of the Lakota Sioux people. The Oglala Sioux, along with the six other groups of Lakota, had separated from each other by the early 19th century. By 1830, the Oglala had around 3,000 members. In the 1820s and 1830s the Oglala, along with the Brules (another division of Lakota) and three other Sioux sects, formed the Sioux Alliance. This Alliance caused much warfare between the Western Sioux and surrounding tribes for territorial and hunting reasons.
After being moved several times during the 1870s, the Red Cloud Agency was relocated one final time in 1878 and renamed the Pine Ridge Reservation. By 1890, the reservation included 5537 people, divided between at least 30 distinct bands.
Well I'm done till Monday. See you guys then.