Wednesday, April 23, 2008

March 23, 2008 - Arrived at the J. Willott Gallery

Woke up this morning to a beep ..... beep ..... beep.... in my motel room. The power was out in the whole county. Great way to start the day.
Here is a photo of a cliff just east of Saint George Utah. Beautiful country here.

These photo's were taken in Arizona. Actually the Virgin River Canyon. Going from St. George to Nevada you have to pass through a few miles of Arizona.

Arrived in Las Vegas just before noon. first Palm trees, and a couple of buildings, as I whiz through town. I entered with just as much money as I left with... broke even. Actually by not stopping you come out ahead.

West of Barstow about 40 miles I passed these two signs in the middle of nowhere. Had to chuckle.

Just before I got to Palm Desert, I passed by thousands of these wind generators.
All set up in the gallery. I spent a couple of hours sculpting. Tomorrow, my appearance starts.

While I was traveling... back in Belgrade Montana...
Just thought I'd add these photo's taken yesterday at Art Castings, a foundry in Belgrade Montana, that is currently producing a life size bronze of a cowboy I created. The title of this bronzes is "Working for the Brand".
Below are a couple of photo's of the clay.

The above photo's of the clay were taken before I took this clay to the foundry. I created this piece about 12 years ago on spec. I had a left over armature from a life size I created for a client in Jackson Hole Wyoming. So I decided to use that armature to create this cowboy.
Life size pieces are very expensive to cast. So the clay stood in my studio for quite a while. It's now in the process of being cast into a 6 foot 3 inch tall bronze. The photo's below show the bronze in pieces.