Saturday, May 31, 2008

New Direction In Mid-Stream

This entry starts with yesterdays events. I started to re-work the left rear flank of the woman's horse in Down From The High Lonesome. I found that the structure of the muscle mass was to massive. I took a knife to it and carved it down. then I started to shape the flank with my wire tool. At the end of the day, I had it where I wanted. Muscles are more defined and proper size.

Last night in a conversation the owner of the James Harold Gallery in Tahoe City California, we discussed the fact that it's been requested that I create a Cowboy piece. To be specific a bronc buster piece. Since I'm going to be showing at his gallery over the 4th of July, I felt I should at least start the piece. Below you'll see the base for the cowboy piece, and of course the anatomical drawing of a horse the size of the piece I'm going to do. I'm using an old roll of Duck Tape for a raised part of the base. I want to have the horse and cowboy on a round, raised base. (To see a detailed description of how I make the horses armature, check the bolg entries (6 parts) for March 15th 2008 )

I've shaped the armature of the horse to conform to the horses position in his flight from his violent flight from the ground in an attempt to throw the cowboy. I've placed the wire end of the left foot is placed inside the hole of the roll of Duck Tap. I then give the armature support by inserting and attaching a wooden dowel. I then sprayed foam into the donut hole of the tape. Now I just let it sit overnight to let the foam set up.