Wednesday, March 26, 2008

At the Foundry Today - Cheyenne Courtship

I took Cheyenne Courtship to Northwest Artcastings at the beginning of this month to be cast into bronze. Well I got a call this morning, from the foundry, wanting me to come in and check over the clay, before they start making the latex rubber mold of it.
You can see all the photo's of the complete clay of this piece on my website

Here I am, with the clay, now cut apart for mold making, cleaning and filling scratches and holes.

As you can see, arms are removed, and so are many other small parts, such as the knife and sheath. On the table behind the clay, on foam pads, are arms and all the other parts cut off the piece.
On the way home from Bozeman, about a 50 mile trip, I pass a herd of Buffalo on the Ted Turner Ranch.

Well see you all next week. Today I purchased some new clay, a different colored clay, and will be working with it next week. So keep checking back in.
Let me know if you like what your seeing or if you have any questions.