Thursday, June 12, 2008


Today I pick up where I left off yesterday. I add the eyeballs into the skull.

I find I need to re-align the eyes with each other so I cut into the wax and remove the right eye area, and then move it up and down till the two eyes align. (Remember you can click on the photos for a full resolution view)

I start to add muscle to the skull and shape the mouth, in an open, and angry position.

At some point I realize that the space between the two eyes is to narrow, so heating knife, I cut into the wax, and widen the space. Once widened I fill it in with soft wax, and it's done. I constantly cut and adjust as I go along. You have to be willing to take a chance of destroying to perfect a thing.

I add the saddle blanket and mount the saddle permanently into position.

Well it was a great day. I stopped coughing for the first time in a month. As I write that, I coughed. Ha ha. I felt great today.
tomorrow I start the rider. I can't wait.