Monday, September 22, 2008

Iron Horn - Monumental - Adding and Taking Away

I cut away the shot pouch, fringe on the shot pouch, and the right arm and shoulder. The reason for this major elimination is, when I created the small version in clay, I had to fill in crevasses to make it easier to make the mold. Because of this, it didn't transfer well into the blow up version. So I've cut away all that so that I can re-create the arm and shoulder as well as the pouch. Photos show the aftermath of this cut away.

Now I build a reservoir for foam on his backside. I needed to increase the size of his bottom. This is so, when I put the loin cloth over his butt, it will hang properly. I also had to build up the back side of his upper right leg.

I removed the paper and started carving and shaping. Then I had to make major changes to the Indians bottom. I had to cut away foam between the legs, because in a life size, you'll be able to see up between his legs under the loin cloth. So I had to give form to the upper part of the legs and make an area for the part between his legs.

At the end of the day, I had the basic shape formed in the areas that I added to today. Tomorrow I'll work on his shoulders and his back. I hope to add the back of his shirt in the afternoon.
I'm holding off adding the rear loin cloth till I get the legs sculpted.