Friday, July 4, 2008

At the James Harold Gallery July 4th

Here are three days of pictures from the 2nd of July to today, the 4th.
Happy Fourth of July everyone....

I'm finding it hard to do anything but sculpt and talk to people. Forgive me for the shorthand version of what I'm doing in the Gallery, during my appearance there.
I start adding cloths to the cowboy on Bronc Stompin. I've decided to go simple with a cotton shirt and scarf. He'll have 1880's style pants and suspenders. I start with the upper half of the cowboy first to establish his personality.

As you can see, when I start his face, I start with the eye sockets first. This gives me the anchor for the proportions of the rest of the face. I gradually add muscle and eyelids. Then I add the hat, the stamped strap or chin strap.

Well that is what I did from the 2nd of July to the 3rd. The following is what I did today, the 4th of July.
I had a friend (K.C. Brennan) from near Carson City Nevada stop by with her husband.
anyone who knows her calls her Mrs. Brennan. You see she's a school teacher. She is an artist and collects Victorian Clothing. Was great to have her and her hubby stop by today.

Well I decided to revisit my Sacagawea piece today. I've been bothered by the dress and the beads on her neck so today, I took off everything on her dress.

I then had new material that showed me much better how the Doe fur on the yoke of the dress was supposed to look like. In the center of the yoke was the tail of the doe (or deer), and the fur of the doe ran as a border between the upper yoke and the lower part of the dress. I then sculpted Cowry Shells as decoration. I decided not to put the necklaces on this time. I wanted to keep a cleaner look. Simpler is sometimes best.

I found out, through research, that the type of Cowry Shell, told a lot about the abilities of her trader husband. Cowry Shells with a flared lower area were considered very valuable. If those were sewn to the dress, it indicated that her husband, was a very good trader. So I sculpted the flared type of shell.
Well that's if for today. Getting ready to eat ribs and watch the fireworks. Happy 4th once again to you all. Stay cool.