Wednesday, October 15, 2008

A Old Trapper Once Said Lewis & Clark Camped Here?

The words in the title were taken from a very old weathered sign in Cardwell Montana. (Remember you can click on photos to make them larger)

The last two days, I've traveled to Bozeman to the foundry there, and to Butte Montana today on buisness. On these two trips I passed right by two areas where Lewis and Clark camped in the early 1800s.
Here are Photographs of those camp sites.

This is a photo of that scenery.

Next to the above wood sign is a bronze sign as well. It's pictured in the photo above.

Here is an area north of my home, near Cardwell Montana, is another campsite that saw a few members of the Lewis and Clark expidition camped in 1806. The campsite according to the sign shown below, is on the far bank of the river, somewhere between the two buildings.

This sign is right next to the above sign. The story covers the same area shown above.

The following photos are just scenes on the way home from Cardwell Montana today. The first is of the Jefferson River. The rest are of old cabins and buildings dating back to the late 1800's and early 1900's.

A pile sand and gravel that the road department loves to spread on our icy roads. The kind that break windshields. I thought the wind shaped pile was fasinating.

The picture below is what's left of a homestead that was built by a family with the last name Lemon. Wonder if they were related. We did settle the west in the 1840's. So it could very well be.

Tomorrow I'm back on the clay. Check back tomorrow night...