Saturday, November 29, 2008

Iron Horn - Monumental - Rifle Sagging

Started this morning by painting the wax fringe. Painting the wax shows me were I need to fill with clay to eliminate the crevasses. I spent all morning working on that and filling in behind the fringe, with clay, to make it easier for the foundry to cast this piece. Easy equals less cost.

I then started to add beads to the right sleeve.

I then noticed one of the fingers on the hand holding the gun was missing. Searching the floor and I found it under the base of the clay. Then I then investigate why that finger fell. Turns out the rifle was starting to sag. If this was going to stand in a gallery all winter in clay, I had to figure out a way of anchoring the rifle better. So it was then that I decided I need another week to finish this clay. So now I've delayed transporting this clay to Park City Utah an additional week. So a little relief there. Still a lot to do before packing up the clay though.