Thursday, October 23, 2008

Iron Horn - Monumental - Shirt Fringe

I spent the first few hours of today at the studio, filling in gaps in the fringe on the legs. Then I prepared the clay for the days work.
Here are photo's showing how I anchored the bottom of the spear to the base of the life-size. I used screws to surround the pipe. This holds it in place. I then tape the spear to the hand to hold in place. I'll get to the spear later.

I now prepare the clay that's been softening. I cut it into smaller, and more manageable pieces. I apologize for the sound. Had the heater on, and the air from it must have been hitting the mic on the camera, distorting the sound. Here are video's of how I create the shirts bottom edge fringe.

After doing the fringe out of clay, I realized, clay could easily be damaged because it's so soft. So I had to start again by using wax. If you have any questions about the type of wax or clay I use and where I purchase it, feel free to contact me at

Final, detailed, photo's of the fringe painted at the end of the day.


Winterizing my home on Wednesday... So was unable to get to the studio.