Saturday, June 7, 2008

Untitled Bronc Buster - Neck, jaw, shoulders

Not many photo's today. Just a few showing progress on the neck area. Below you see how I started. I shaped the foam I sprayed yesterday, and then started to add wax for the gut area and blocking in muscle groups.

After a full day of interpreting photo's of horse with their heads down. Trying to figure out what muscles came into play, and then sculpting them. I came up with the structure of the neck. I found that the esophagus of the horse stayed straight. No curves, just a straight line from the breast to under the jaw. As you can see I now have a jaw attached. Jaw slightly open for now, because I may, or may not have the mouth open.

I started blocking in muscle groups of the horses hip area. Did I mention that working with wax is 10 times harder than working with soft clay?
Well that's it for the weekend. Come back next week.