Friday, November 28, 2008

Iron Horn - Monumental - Will I Finish by Next Thursday?

Yep that's the question, as I started today. I'm shooting to have this piece 80 to 90 percent done by Thursday of next week. Then Friday I have to build the crate around it, so I can transport it to Mountain Trails Gallery next Saturday. I'm just not sure if I can. I have an awful lot of stuff to do yet. It's kind of keeping me up at nights. Must think positive..
Well today I worked on the beaded and quill worked square on the Indians chest. Then later in the day, I started to add the fringe onto the sleeves and the shirt using my twine in wax method.

Here are photos of the clay as of this evening. I added a photo from the 17th of September, when I started to work on this piece, just to give a perspective of how far I've come since then. (Remember you can click on the photo to make it larger)

Tomorrow, back to the beaded areas of the shirt. Once I finish that, I'll be able to start the hair. I'll hold off on filling the fringe negative areas till I get all the hair and the rest of the headpiece done. See you tomorrow evening.