Monday, May 26, 2008

My Studio

I've been asked what does my studio look like? Is it in your home?
Well the picture above is my humble Studio. I see so many artists studios that look so much better than mine. They have great windows with wonderful views. I'm content with mine. It's comfortable to me. I use a black cloth as my backdrop because it helps me focus on the clay I'm working on.

I have a laptop as an essential tool. I have all my research material on it and on a back up hard drive.

My lighting system is home made. It ain't pretty, but it works for me. I use a sculpting stand that I purchased from Sculpture House in Ny, Ny. You can't see it cus I'm in front of it.

I have a small flat screen TV/DVD Player (all in one). Another essential. I shoot video at modeling sessions, and burn DVD's. I can view them on the monitor. Also, it's good for entertainment while I work. (28 Dresses is playing on it in the photo)

A cutting board is the best thing to roll clay on. I also have a Pasta machine for rolling clay flat and making fringe.
This photo shows the web cam I have in studio. I will sometimes shoot a video for my blog, using this item.
Well that's it. I'm sure if your an artist, you have your own little area where you can create.
I chose to rent a garage space a couple of miles from my home to set up my studio in. Getting away from home makes going to the studio feel more professional. When I go home, I leave the artwork behind, and just relax. I have to, so I can start fresh the next day. By the way, my studio is never this organized. Just spent a few days re-doing the layout of my studio. I do this a couple of times a year. Makes everything fresh and new.