Sunday, July 20, 2008

At the Painted Pony Gallery

Here are photos of Bronc Stomper as it was at the beginning of this day, showing the main and the starting of the tail. I also had the halter on the horses head. You can see the beginning of the sage brush near the back leg.

I heated the wax up to where it was starting to melt and using a metal tool, I scooped the wax out and added it to the stem of the sage that I created before, surrounding the leg of the horse. I do this so that the leg will be strengthened in the bronze stage.

I didn't work on the wax much today because I spent most of the time talking to people who came in during the day. Here are shots of the wax at the end of today.

Sunday will be the final day of my appearance at the Painted Pony at Big Sky Montana.