Friday, June 6, 2008

Untitled Bronc Buster - Saddle, Foam, and Muscle

I was getting ready to go to the studio this morning. I looked up at the shelf in my bedroom and there was a wax, 1880's saddle, I created back in 1993. I never put it on the horse I was working on, so I set it aside on the wooden mount that I made to sculpt it on. Well there it was, and the thought occurred to me, is that the scale, that would match the scale of the horse I'm currently working on? Took it to the studio and by golly it was the right scale. (Pictured Below)

So I'm going to see if I can use it in this sculpture. Never throw away anything.

I needed to fill the space that would eventually be the belly of the horse. So, using duct tape, I made a temporary reservoir for the foam I'm going to use to fill the space.

While I'm waiting for the foam to harden, I start to work on the horses other end, his head. I framed in the upper part of the muscled neck. This just helps me to visualize.

The following photo's show the progression of the horses skull, while using a real horses skull as a guide.

I fine tune the shoulder bones. Have to. The muscles attach to specific parts of the bones in the shoulder. I'm not trying to get an exact shape of the bone, just a sketchy form of the shoulder. Here I've started to construct the shoulder's muscles on the right side of the horse.

This is the final views of the wax as I quit for the day.

More still coming.......