Friday, June 13, 2008

BRONC STOMPER - Flank Cinch and Clinch Latigo

I was going to start the cowboy today. I found a better wax to sculpt with, the only problem, it takes hours for the stuff to soften so I can work with it. Also had to start melting the pot of glue wax, and that takes hours as well. So I spent the day researching the Latigo Cinches. Those are the straps that achor the saddle to the horses back.
This is a double rig. So it takes two straps to fasten the saddle to the horse. I investigated the rings and how the straps were attached and cinched. Pictures below show the finished cinches.

I know the creation of this piece and the other ones seems to be very tedious. It is. An artist has to have the patience to take his or her time. You rush a creation and you muddy it. You tend to get to close to it to see mistakes that you may make. I hope this whole process is eye opening. Artists struggle for their art.
Well Monday I'll get to the cowboy. By that time the waxes should be ready to be worked with. Check back Monday evening.