Wednesday, May 21, 2008

War Medicine - The Hilt Of The Matter

Before I get started on today's entry, just wanted to share a little spring with you. Finally the crab apple blossoms are popping out. Like every Montana spring I've been through, it's supposed to snow tonight.

The following photo's are from different model shoots. Using models, especially authentic models, can be very expensive, but value wise, you can make it back off of that first piece you do from the session. I used several shoots for clothing and headdress for this piece. I placed my name across the photo to protect the images.

The photo below shows the sword and the wax copy of the sword. I use Crystalline Wax that I purchase from the foundry. When heated under a 100 watt bulb, it softens and is like clay to work with. Here you see how I'm trying to match the hilt.

Here are photo's of the clay at the end of the day today.