Friday, December 26, 2008

End of 2008 - Short Video Review

Put these together on last night, and after I got to bed at 6 am... and up by noon, I spent the rest of today putting these together for you all. Hope you enjoy.

Here is a video of my collection of bronzes, available, in galleries. I want to take this opportunity, to thank Stellar Art Publishing, all those who believe in me there. I want to send my love and respect to all the galleries that show my work. A special love I have for all who have taken hard earned treasure and bought one of my works of art. Without all of you, I'd be a printer, or a ditch digger, or a vagabond and a rake... Love you all. The following videos are my way of giving all of you a party. Thank you so much.

Creation of Cheyenne Courtship. I started this one during the last part of 2007 and took it to the foundry in early part of this year.

Creation of Sacajawea started near the end of March of this year.

Iron Horns creation started Sept 17th, of this year

I know this isn't all that I did this year, but I need to stop now. I'm seeing double.. lol.

Happy New Year everyone. Hope everyone enjoy amazing health and happiness this coming year. If you make a lot of money, accept it, and move on.. haha.

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